Healthrider H80t Treadmill Review

The Healthrider H80t is a mid range treadmill that provides a lot of good features, along with a solid and stable design. The look of the treadmill is very sleek, with nice rounded lines and a great looking console. It looks and feels like a very good quality treadmill, so in this article we are going to drill down a little deeper and see if it is the kind of quality you want at this price point.

Healthrider H80t

There are a lot of useful features built into the HealthRider H80t Treadmill, all designed to enhance your workouts and give you as many different options as possible so you can change up your work out programs when you like. It does not take a lot of practice to learn how to use all of the features in the treadmill, it is very easy and the console is clearly marked and pretty much self explanatory.

What you will notice when you start using the Healthrider H80t treadmill is just how sturdy and stable it is. It has a weight capacity of up to 325 pounds, and even if you are on the limit of this you will feel confident in the strength and stability of this machine. The power of the motor also keeps it running smoothly at a consistent speed, so you won’t find the belt slipping or the thing slowing down when you increase your speed.

Video overview of the H80t

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Specifications for the Healthrider H80t treadmill

Product dimensions

This is a big machine, and very heavy too. You will need two people to move it into the place you want to use it in your home when you first take delivery of it, and the extra pair of hands will come in handy when setting the machine up too.

While it does have a large footprint, it is no bigger than other treadmills in this class. The actual dimensions for the Healthrider H80t are as follows:

  • Length = 84 inches
  • Width = 37 inches
  • Height = 59.5 inches
  • Weight = 280 pounds
  • Weight capacity = 325 pounds

Ease of assembly

The biggest problem with this treadmill is the assembly. It is highly recommended to have two of you doing this, as it can get very fiddly in some places. The instructions are okay, not the best, but certainly not the worst either. But there are a lot of pieces that are hard to line up properly with only one pair of hands. Even with two of you, expect 3 to 5 hours to assemble the Healthrider H80t.

Healthrider H80t treadmillWorkout programs

There are a total of 20 built in work out programs on the Healthrider H80t treadmill. These are split into different groups, some focusing on weight loss (5 programs), some on performance (5 programs). Then you have 5 programs for distance and 5 more for timed work outs. So you have plenty of variety here to really be able to mix up your training sessions so that you use the right programs for your needs.
iFit compatibility

The Healthrider H80t comes with iFit compatibility. This is an addon feature and it will not be for everyone as you are required to purchase the wireless adaptor separately to use iFit to its full potential. The adaptor will cost you around $100, and includes a 1 year membership subscription to iFit.

If you are willing to pay the extra $100 to purchase the adaptor, then you will be able to use iFit to its full potential and open up a wealth of new workout options. First of all, iFit is compatible with Google MAPS. So you are able to create your own courses anywhere in the world practically.

For instance, if you were training for the New York Marathon (for the fit ones amongst you), you can download the actual route of the marathon and run the route on the treadmill. You can create any course you like, and transfer it wirelessly into the treadmill.

You are also able to track all of your work outs and then upload them to your iFit account so you can see your progress over time. This is an excellent motivational tool and really helps you to keep your workouts varied and to the exact specifications you want.


The console is where you will control all of your workouts and change any setting as and when required. The large 7 inch LCD display clearly shows you all of your data as you progress through your work out sessions. All of the controls on the console are clearly labeled and you can easily access them while you are running or walking to change them as required.


You are able to plug in your iPod or any other MP3 player and play your music through the built in speakers. The speakers are not great, and the sound is certainly not the best. While you do get the volume out of them, the quality is a bit tinny.

The console is quite large, and you have plenty of room to place your MP3 player and drinks bottle. It is also easy to read the display no matter what angle you are facing it. So it does not matter if you are tall or short, you will be able to see all of the information without any problems.


The power behind the HealthRider H80t treadmill comes from the 3.0 CHP Endura commercial plus motor. It has a self cooling process that prolongs the life of the motor, and also keeps it running to its optimal levels at all times.

It is able to produce a lot of power and keeps the belt running smoothly and consistently no matter what speed or incline it is being used at. It is also extremely quiet too, so ideal for using in the home as you will not annoy others in the house while you are training.

Speed and incline

The one touch speed control will allow you to instantly change the speed that you are working too from anywhere from 0 to 12 MPH. Easy to access and change the speed Healthrider H80t reviewfrom the console, you will not have to wait a long time while the treadmill slowly moves through the speeds, as it does this very quickly.

The Healthrider H80t treadmill also has an automatic incline feature so that you can really diversify your workout sessions each time. By using the incline you are able to target different muscles on your body, and also improve your physical output. The incline level ranges from 0 to 15 degrees.

Size of the running deck

There is plenty of room for you to run or walk on the Healthrider H80t as the running deck measures a generous 20 inches wide by 60 inches long. So even if you want to really open up in some of your workouts and increase your speed, you will be able to do this in confidence that you have plenty of room on the running deck to work with.

Healthrider H80t treadmill reviewFold away space saving capability

For most people, space will be an issue when you have a large object like a treadmill in a room. So the Healthrider H80t treadmill comes equipped with a fold away deck, so you can quickly and easily fold the deck up when it is not being used and reduce the amount of space that it takes up significantly.

Final thoughts on the Healthrider H80t treadmill

The main problems with the H80t are the assembly and the quality (or lack of) for the speakers. Fortunately you will only ever have to assemble the machine once, so be prepared for a few hours of assembly time before you get this up and running. You can also pay extra and have a team come round and assemble it for you.

As mentioned, the quality of the speakers is not very good. This probably will not be a game changer for most people, but it is something to note. On the plus side, this treadmill is very solid and has a great deal of stability when you are working out on it. It runs really smoothly and you have some great options to enhance your workouts. You are definitely getting value for your money with the Healthrider H80t treadmill, it is very good quality for the most part and will really help you train efficiently.

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