Sole F85 Folding Treadmill Review

The latest version of the Sole F85 treadmill has already been awarded the “Best Folding Treadmill” by a leading consumer site. This is the top selling folding model that Solesole f85 produces, and has been a very popular treadmill for a long time, and with its latest update it continues to really excel with its design quality and features.

The Sole F85 is ideal for a wide range of users, and can hold a weight capacity of up to 400 pounds, so if you are of a larger build then this could be the ideal model for you. The motion of the treadmill will stay smooth and consistent, even with a larger person work out on it.

Also, with the running deck being a very generous 22 inches wide, you get plenty of room to work out on. You will not feel restricted, and this wide deck will allow for those that also want to really push themselves during their workouts to do so with confidence.

The advanced technology used to design the Sole F85 is apparent all over this treadmill. From the console through to the running deck, you can see that quality of the design and as soon as you start to use it you can feel the smoothness of the operation that the motor provides.

Overview of Sole treadmills

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A closer look at the Sole F85 treadmill

Cushion Flex whisper deck

This unique running deck design by Sole will reduce impact by up to 40%. This will provide both short and long term benefits, as you will not feel any pain after each workout and it will also reduce the risk of injury over the long term if you use the treadmill frequently.

This technology also helps to keep the noise down when you are running or walking, so the F85 is ideal for using at home. The thick 2 ply belt also helps to absorb the impact, as well as providing the strength it needs to last for a long time, even through regular usage.

sole f85 folding treadmillFolding deck design

Another feature that makes the Sole F85 treadmill ideal for using at home is the folding deck design. This is quite a large treadmill, so to leave it down at all times will likely hamper the movement around the room that it is located in, unless you have a lot of space to house the machine.

To operate the deck, Sole has a patented technology called the rack and pinion system. It also includes the safety lock design also, which ensures that the deck is locked securely in place when it has been raised. Once raised, the top of the platform is about 6 feet off the ground, and cannot be reached by smaller children.

To lower the deck, you need to release it with the lever. The deck will lower itself hydraulically, and this is a slow procedure so you do not have to worry about it coming down quickly on anyone or anything underneath it. The last 2 feet before it hits the ground, it slows down even more for added safety.

High torque motor

The power and torque behind the Sole F85 comes from the excellent 4.0 CHP, DC type motor. This is what enables you to have a really consistent workout on all levels, and also helps you to push yourself that extra bit more, as you can feel confident on the quality and consistency of the motion.

Sole New Year 234x60 banner

The quiet drive of the motor is also testament to the quality of it. Even when you turn the speed up, and start running on an incline, the machine does not make any additional sound. It is quite amazing at just how smoothly this does run.

User consolesole f85 treadmill

The console on the F85 is large, spacious and well laid out so that you can access everything very easily. The blue LCD display is very large, measuring 9 inches wide. You can read all of the data displayed very clearly, and it is easy to see how you are progressing as you go through your workout.

You have all of the controls that operate the various functions at hand, so you can change your setting on the fly if required. You have quick speed and incline buttons, although the speed is not as quick as some of the commercial grade machines you will find in gyms.

You can play your music through the sound system by plugging in your MP3 player. You also have your drink holders each side, which can comfortably fit in your drinking bottle and MP3 player if you have one. The fan located across the top of the console does not provide enough air to really cool you down.

sole f85 review

Built in work out programs

With the Sole F85 comes 6 standard built in workout programs, 2 custom programs and 2 heart rate programs. The standard programs give you a mixture of courses, incline and time frame tracks to walk or run around.

The heart rate programs will allow you to get your heart rate up to a desired level to improve your fitness. You then have the 2 custom programs which enable you to create your own course to train too, giving you the ability to fine tune each workout session if you want.

Dimensions of the F85

The Sole F85 is a solid treadmill, and does have a fairly large footprint. The foldaway design will certainly benefit many people, but of course you need to make sure that you have enough room in the desired location to fit the treadmill while the deck is down. Here are the full dimensions of the Sole F85:

  • Length = 80 inches
  • Height = 58 inches
  • Width = 35 inches
  • Weight capacity = 400 pounds
  • Weight = 265 pounds

The running deck on the F85 is the largest on any Sole treadmill, and measures 60 inches in length by 22 inches wide. This is a lot of room to work with and you should feel very comfortable with so much space to train on.

sole-f85-6aWhat we like about the F85

There is a lot of quality and some great features on the Sole F85 treadmill. The running deck is very comfortable to run on, as well as large too. The ability to fold away the deck and lower it softly is excellent, the technology that Sole uses for this works really well.

The smoothness and quiet running of this motor is another excellent feature to this treadmill. You know that each workout you do will be very accurate and consistent, you will not have to worry about the machine not being able to keep up with the performance levels you ask it to do.

The console is very easy to use also. You can access all of the features very easily and they can be changed as required while you are working out. There is also a built in message board that tells you exactly how to use each feature if you are unsure, basically walking you through each process.

The incline feature is very smooth too. You can raise the deck up 15%, and this can be done automatically from the console while you are working out.

What we did not like about the F85

One of the things you will notice when you set the treadmill up initially, is that the deck does not lie dead flat. There is a slight incline from the back to the front. You can adjust the feet at the back, but not quite enough to get the deck to lie completely flat without any incline.

Tip: Before you set the treadmill up, you should buy a couple of 1 inch rubber washers to use on the back feet. This will enable you to get the deck perfectly level right from the set up phase.

Another thing that we did not like on the F85 is the readouts on the console. When you hit 1000 calories, it sets back to zero, as does the time once you reach 100 minutes. This will only affect the people that will spend a long time on the treadmill each workout. But you would think that with a wide 9 inch display they could have squeezed that extra digit in on both of these readings.

Final thoughts on the Sole F85 treadmill

There is no doubting the quality of the F85. It is really well built, the frame on it is very solid and even if you are a larger person the treadmill will not flinch when you are working out on it. The power behind this machine is impressive, as is the smoothness of the operation.

It is very easy to operate, and even folding the deck away is a simple process. Overall, the Sole F85 treadmill is a very good quality treadmill, and the things that we did not like about it as mentioned above would not be deal breakers for us.

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